Sunday, April 26, 2009

Consistent Arbitrary Colors

Mibbit gives usernames colors, i think, depending on their users' client. XChat gives everyone but me the same color. I don't like either of these choices because many usernames get the same color, and I therefore can't use color to tell who said something without reading their username.

I'd prefer it if everyone had a different color (to a reasonable extent), but still have the same color the next time they log in. Short of users assigning colors to anything, how could an IRC client accomplish this?


thejoshwolfe said...

here's my solution

DopplerDeffect said...

XChat is open source, add it yourself and upload. Or you can write a plugin:

Andy said...

function hash_to_color (hash) {
divide hash into 3 equal segments
determine the numerical max of a segment
determine the numerical value of each segment

return RGB( value1 / max * 255, value2 / max * 255, value3 / max * 255 )