Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nice Guys Sleep Alone

You always loved the jerk in me and when I didn't treat you right.
You said I should change, be gentle and kind, but you really wanted to fight.
I blew you off and beat you down. It only made you want me more.
You knew I wasn't right for you, just one more thing to like me for.

Then I changed per your request, softened sweet and meek.
I served you, loved you, promised to wed you. But you just saw me as weak.
Your twisted heart's desires and your longing to pursue,
You bored of me and left me. And I'll never forgive you.

I gave you my life. The game is done.
Rejecting this mere trophy heart that you've won.
You showed me you loved me. I tried to be true.
You left me with nothing. I'll never forgive you.

If jerks you like, then jerks you'll get. You'll never be happy in life.
You love the hate and lust the fight. You'll never be anyone's wife.
I'll be the jerk you love again. You can be sure of that.
I'll win you back and catch your heart. And then I'll leave you flat.

All my devotion to you was in vain.
All the hurt I'll remit.
I'll give you your drama, abuse, and pain.
You'll beg to be mine, and I won't give you shit.

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